Trim Work

Interior trim work makes your home feel more finished and provides another way to customize your home to match your personal style. Whether you are using it for your walls, windows, or doors, interior trim comes in many different styles and sizes to suit your tastes. Trim work is a perfect complement to your kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling  project. At Cypress Construction, Inc. we pride ourselves on our cleanliness, attention to detail, and superior craftsmanship.

Cypress Construction, Inc. works throughout Maryland, including Harford County, Baltimore County, Bel Air, Timonium, Perry Hall, Cecil County, and Hunt Valley. We know that we offer the best quality services in the area  and believe that you will see our work speaks for itself.

Trim Options

Many different types of trim are available to suit your home, including:


This sits at the juncture of the wall and floor and works to hide the gap and protect the bottom of your wall from kicking feet, knocking furniture, and just about everything else.

Chair Rail

This serves a practical and aesthetic purpose, as it protects your wall from chairs or sofas knocking against it and damaging the finish and beautifully frames the room. Chair rails can be installed at a traditional height or a different height to match your needs.


This type of trim work fills in the space between a chair rail and a baseboard with visually striking paneling. If you are feeling adventurous, you can mix and match the finish of the wainscoting and the finish of the wood trim.

Window Casing

Window casing provides many opportunities for interesting trim work, whether you want a large elegant crown on the top or a deep flat band at the bottom to potentially rest interior décor on.

Door Casing

Door casing is typically matched to the window trim, but it doesn’t need to be if you have something else in mind. We will work along with you to choose a complementary or matching window and door casing style as part of your custom interior design.

Picture Rail

This type of trim work is near the very top of the wall and was historically used to hang pictures. Now that walls are sturdier and picture hooks exist, they are mainly another fun way to accent your room.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is one of the most beautiful types of trim work. It lies at the very top of interior walls at the juncture between the wall and ceiling. You can choose from a wide variety of profiles and sizes to match your elegant living space.

At Cypress Construction, we pride ourselves on our reputation for meticulous attention to detail, fantastic value, and results that last. We are a one-stop shop and offer many different services including bathroom remodeling, custom interior design, tile work, custom closet remodels, and a whole host of interior improvements.

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