Custom Closet Remodels

Whether you are looking for more storage space for your growing shoe collection or need a solution for your growing family and small space, Cypress Construction, Inc. has the expertise and craftsmanship to give you a custom closet remodel you will love. We walk all of our customers through each stage of the interior design, installation, and finishing process and only use the highest quality products handled by expert carpenters and craftsmen.

Cypress Construction, Inc. works throughout Maryland, including Harford County, Baltimore County, Bel Air, Timonium, Perry Hall, Cecil County, and Hunt Valley. Whether you are looking for just a custom closet remodel or have a bathroom remodeling project  in mind, we know that you will see our work speaks for itself.

What Do You Need to Store?

We will work with you throughout your interior remodeling project to ensure that everything fits—your style and your things. Do you have a huge sweater collection you want to display on beautiful shelves? Do you need a place to hang up all of your button downs and pants at the end of the workweek? Are you holding on to 100 pairs of shoes you couldn’t bear to part with? Do you have a large and beautiful purse collection you are interested in displaying? We are experts at working in spaces both big and small and passionate about helping you maximize your closet’s storage capabilities. We can build everything from shelving, to wall cabinets, to storage islands, to drawer systems for your clothes.

Beautiful Cabinetry for Your Clothes

Our custom cabinets are the perfect way to store your clothes, shoes, and accessories. We can mount them securely on the walls of your closet so you won’t ever need to worry about a bureau tipping over or combine them with drawer systems for flexible storage. By mounting your closet storage, you also ensure that you use every last inch of available space in a small closet. All of our custom cabinet remodel furniture pieces are available in a wide range of beautiful woods and classic stylish finishes to suit your personal taste.

Drawer Systems to Keep You Organized

Drawers are an important part of every custom closet system. Whether you have a large amount of family jewelry you would like to organize and display or have a pile of watches on your dresser, drawers are the best way to properly display your treasures. Drawers also work well to hide clutter or items of clothing you don’t want to prominently display, like undergarments and socks.

At Cypress Construction, we pride ourselves on our reputation for meticulous attention to detail, competitive pricing, and results that last. We are a one-stop shop and offer many different services including kitchen remodeling, hardwood floors, tile work, custom bars, and a whole host of interior improvements.

Ready to get started on your project? No project is too big or too small to give Cypress a call! For more information, give us a call at (410) 517-9345 or fill in your information on our Contact Us page and we will get in touch with you.