Why You Should Consider Carpet

Why You Should Consider Carpet

Carpet is the perfect flooring option for your home.

It’s an age old dilemma: hardwood or carpet flooring? The basic question has driven people apart (okay, that’s extreme, but you get the point). For many years, homeowners have opted to go with hardwood flooring, and that’s practically still the case. Hardwood is still the leader, but the landscape is slowly changing. Carpet has come back with force as people are realizing that it’s really not a terrible flooring option. In fact, it might even be, dare we say, better.

The Texture

Have you ever fallen asleep on a hardwood floor? Didn’t think so. In all seriousness though, carpet has become much softer as the years go on and technology expands. The fibers in today’s material leads to this outcome. Not only is it ultra soft, but carpet is also incredibly resistant to stains.

Sounds Effects

This one is quite clear to anyone who’s walked on both surfaces. The difference in noise between the two is astounding, as carpet is much quieter in comparison to hardwood. It’s an incredible blocker of sound. Hardwood struggles to reduce noise in the room, and it also creates noise from walking on it.

Visual Value

This may be up to your personal preference, but carpet is more aesthetically pleasing. The beauty of carpet flooring is that you can basically take any design in your mind and make it a reality. Whether it’s a colorful scheme or a minimalist approach, carpet can bring an added visual value to your rooms.

The Cost

When you’re crafting your home or redesigning a space, the number one thing people consider is the cost of work. Everything should match your budget preferences. If you compare carpet to hardwood, there really is no comparison. Carpet is a minimum of $1,000 cheaper. Again, at a minimum. When you look at the numbers like that, it’s the decision gets easier.

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