While most people know about soapstone, marble, and granite, today, we wanted to look at four less common options.

Are your countertops a sore spot in your kitchen? Updating your kitchen is one of the best things you can do to improve your home this summer drastically, and your countertops should be one of the first things on your list to replace. Unlike cabinets, which can be given a whole new life with a deep cleaning and a coat of paint, if your countertops are in bad shape, there is little you can do to make them look better. Before you commit to replacing them, make sure to take the time to consider your options! While most people know about soapstone, marble, and granite, today, we wanted to look at four less common options.


We know what you’re thinking, you’re probably trying to get rid of ugly old laminate as you read – but hear us out. The laminate of today is not the same as what was installed in your home twenty years (or more) ago. Today’s laminate looks amazing, thanks to improved printing techniques and technological advancements. It’s still fragile, and you’ll always need to use a cutting board and hotplate, but you can’t beat the price. Opting for laminate will leave you room in your budget to splurge on other areas – like a state of the art stove!   

Recycled Glass

If you’re looking for a counter option that’s as unique and eco-friendly as you are – recycled glass may be right up your alley! Opting for a counter with large shards of glass gives a unique and contemporary look that’s a real statement piece. Meanwhile, finely ground glass looks less busy and more refined. Almost all glass counters will resist stains, won’t be able to be cut, and won’t be affected by heat or scratches.


While it is a more up-and-coming material, quartz is still in the rookie categories of countertop materials. It’s quickly becoming a trendy option though, as it’s incredibly durable, comes in a wide range of colors and patterns and is cost effective. Quartz also does not need a ton of maintenance, making it an excellent option for the active home.

Butcher Block

Of the four options we’ve been through today butcher block counters will need the most care. Over time they will need to be sanded, oiled, and refinished, but we think they’re worth the effort. Butcher blocks offer unparalleled warmth and are a chef favorite for a reason. It’s important to remember that they will scratch and can stain, but if you’re keeping up with care, these issues can be minimized and add beautiful character to your counters over time.


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