What to Know Before Choosing a Flooring Material


Discover the best flooring type for your project.

With all the available flooring choices available, it can get confusing when you have to make a decision. Read on for more insight about what to know before choosing a flooring material.   

Level of Maintenance

Consider your lifestyle and how much maintenance you can handle. Stone tiles need to be polished and sealed every few years. Natural hardwood needs to be refinished once a decade. In addition to regular cleaning and scrubbing, consider what your flooring will require in the long term.    

The Right Color

Consider the theme and style of your space. Flooring comes in many colors and tones. Think about how the richness or tone of the flooring will complement the walls, furnishings, and other accessories. Your style may change over the years. Think about a flooring option that will give you some flexibility in the way that you decorate your space.


How much time do you have for the installation process? Some flooring options take longer to install than others. Hardwood, carpeting, vinyl, and other options all have specific installation times and levels of difficulty. If you go really custom with your flooring, it may take weeks for cutting and fitting.

Subfloor Material

The subfloor is an important element to consider because it determines the type of flooring you can install on top. Laminates work well over concrete while any flooring can be installed over plywood. Other materials can be placed directly on top of hardwood and tile.  


If the flooring is being installed in a high traffic area then you’ll need to consider the durability of the flooring. In addition to traffic, if the flooring is going in a room that experiences a lot of moisture like the bathroom or kitchen, you should also keep those factors in mind when making your choice. Also, if you have any pets think about how their activity and lifestyle will affect the durability of your flooring.


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