What to Consider Before Installing a Custom Bar

Designing and installing a custom bar can be a great process once you’ve made sure to take the proper considerations.

Maybe you’re in the process of finishing your basement or renovating another part of your house. Now could be the perfect time to add the custom bar you’ve always wanted. In addition to giving value to your house and a great place for entertaining, having your own bar will save you long-term expenses of going out for a drink. Designing and installing a custom bar can be a great process once you’ve made sure to take the proper considerations.

Find Your Spot

Even if you’ve already locked in your choice for the perfect corner of your basement, ideal placement and layout is not limited to the bar itself. Think about what kind of seating you would like, for example, because this could affect the shape of your bar. Tall bar stools are great, but would you want to make room for other seating as well? You may also think of where your bar is in relation to the bathroom, or if you would consider adding a bathroom. With the help of a designer, you can draw out everything you would want to make sure that it will fit perfectly in the space you chose.

Don’t Forget Function

While setting up a custom wet bar can be exciting, part of the headache in the process comes from figuring out how and where it will hook up with your plumbing and electric. Again, it helps to think about how you will want to use the bar. Maybe you need a microwave for snacks, or a mini fridge and ice maker. You might even want a dishwasher. It’s also good to think about storage. Where you store your glasses, wine, beer, and spirits could be very different from where you keep your other bar accessories.

Fun Features

As you’re planning your layout to fit the function you want for your bar, it’s time to embrace customization opportunities to make the space your own. You could consider installing a draft beer system or lighting features to give your home bar a trendy restaurant feel. Also, you might want to place some bar activities, like a TV and popular bar games like billiards and darts. Designing a custom bar is a puzzle and might feel like trying to build an entire house. But the result is a beautiful space perfectly suited to your needs that you can enjoy for years.


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