Types Of Interior Trim Work

Ceiling molding is used to cover the intersection between the wall and the ceiling and can also just be used to add a decorative touch!

Once you’ve finished remodeling your home, the final step is to look into some trim work to give your home a nice, decorative finish. Trim refers to pretty much any applied decorative element you can think of. You don’t have to apply trimming to every single element of your home, but it adds a nice touch to a room. Here are some types of interior trim work to help you decide which ones you will invest in.


This interior trim work covers the intersection between the floor and the wall. Not only does it decorate that area and give it a finished look, but it also protects the bottom of your wall from things like mops and vacuum cleaners. Baseboard is found in most homes because you don’t want to leave that are uncovered.

Ceiling Molding

The opposite of the baseboard, ceiling molding covers the intersection between the wall and the ceiling. This is more commonly referred to as crown molding and it crosses the intersection at an angle. People will typically match the baseboard design to the ceiling molding to give the walls a complete look from top to bottom.

Door Casing

You want to hide the gap between the wall next to the door and the jamb that attaches it. Door casing is the solution to this and is also just used as a decorative frame around the door to make it more visually appealing. The outside edge of door casings are typically flat to keep some room for horizontal trim work.

Wall Paneling

Wall paneling is optional and adds an extra element to your walls. It can either be used to cover the entire wall or just a small portion of it. Many materials can be used to create wall paneling such as frames, plywood, or bead boards. It really just depends on the look and style that you want for you wall. Wall paneling is a more extensive type of trim work and provides you with many custom options to really give your walls a unique look.

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