Give your kitchen some love this spring with these design trends.

Whether you are looking to totally renovate your kitchen or update your home’s interior decorating, there are plenty of design trends to keep in mind for the upcoming spring. The spring is the perfect time of year to hit refresh on your home and bring in on-trend elements that will keep your home up-to-date and stylish. The kitchen is a great place to start, since many families spend more time in the kitchen than any other part of the home. Give your kitchen some love this spring with any of these top spring 2019 kitchen design trends.

Colorful Cabinetry

Statement cabinetry is a great way to update the look of your kitchen. Though the Pantone color of the year is a bright coral, kitchen design trends tend to be steering towards more muted or earthy hues. Earthy greens and navy blues are dominating interior design searches this season, indicating that bold statement cabinetry doesn’t have to be as bright as, say, fuschia. With minimalism and plant-focused design on the rise, a natural look in the kitchen is catching on in 2019. These understated colors are also a great way to hide minor wear-and-tear without needing to repaint your cabinets every year.

Matte Fixtures

While cabinetry is looking more understated this year, the trends for metal fixtures are getting more of an edge. Matte finishes on plumbing fixtures are growing in popularity. In fact, we predict that matte black sink taps will be one of the most popular kitchen design trends of spring 2019.

Pewter Hardware

Swapping out the hardware on your kitchen cabinetry is a great, inexpensive way to update your kitchen. Pewter is a modern, matte choice for your kitchen hardware to help bring your kitchen design into the current year.

Soft Whites

This spring, take your kitchen design back to basics with soft whites. From walls, to window frames, to tablecloths, using simple, soft whites don’t have to look clinical in your kitchen. White subway tile or brick can make a great backsplash. Choose warm, soft grays to really make the most of natural light in your kitchen.

Minimalist Decor

When it comes to choosing new decor, look to minimalist design trends for simple lines, natural light, and geometric patterns. With simple textiles, soft whites, and plants in the window, you can make the most of the space you have and bring the whole kitchen up-to-date with this spring’s design trends.


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