There are many different methods of framing a house.

Other than the foundation, framing is the most fundamental step in constructing a home. A house’s frame is made up of a series of wooden beams that will support the interior and exterior walls. There are many different methods of framing a house, and below is a guide of the most common ones.


The most common type of house framing method is platform framing. The frame is constructed in several sections with plywood to build a wall layer that reaches to the floor. For structural walls, which are the load-bearing walls of the house, larger support beams are used which are built right into the foundation.


There is an older method that was used mostly when houses were constructed in the early 1900s called the balloon method, which is quite different from platform framing. In the balloon method, instead of smaller sections of framing, there are long pieces of wood that can run the whole height of the home. This method fell out of popularity because of the difficulty in handling the longer pieces.


Lastly, the post and beam method dates even further back than the ballon method, to the fifteenth century. To frame a house in the post and beam method, wood pieces would be set vertically and then joined with pegs. Modern construction will use the post and beam method for added style because the beam is able to be left exposed for an aesthetic element.


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