The Main Styles of Trim Work

Here are some of the main styles of trim work you can choose from.

Adding the finishing touches to remodeling your home interior is an exciting time, and that is where trim work comes in. But there are a surprising amount of choices beyond the standard baseboards. Here are some of the main styles of trim work you can choose from.

Floor and Ceiling

To start with the basics, you can choose from different types of baseboards or ceiling molding. Both function in the same way, which is to cover the seams where the floor and ceiling meet the wall. Baseboards are pretty much essential for homes because they protect that corner of the floor from scuffs and collecting dirt and dust. Ceiling molding is optional, and it can range from a similar plain look as a baseboard to an elaborate crown molding. 

Doorway Trim

Another less talked about, but equally common type of interior trim work is door casing, which is the trim around a doorway. It has mostly an aesthetic function because it hides the abrupt edge between the doorjamb and the wall. Although door casing is a type of trim work that goes unnoticed, you can take this as the perfect opportunity to dress up your doors and really make a statement. Unusual and ornamental trim is especially great around a front door or entrance archway.

Wall Panels

Lastly, you might be interested in using trim to panel your walls. Wall panels like wainscotting and beadboard create a distinct statement that has come back into style from as far back as the sixteenth century. You can use it to cover half the height of your wall from the bottom as an accent or to cover your entire walls. While decorative, wall paneling also has the important function of protecting your walls from scuffs, so that is another benefit to consider.


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