Although wainscoting and beadboard have similar looks and functions, there are some important distinctions.

When adding a fresh look to your home, you might have thought of different trim work designs that could accent your walls. Beadboard and wainscoting can add balance and style to your walls while also protecting and preventing scuff marks. But perhaps you have noticed that these types of wall trim work have been used interchangeably. Although wainscoting and beadboard have similar looks and functions, they are some important distinctions.


Many kinds of wall trim work fall under the umbrella of wainscoting. Overall, wainscoting is defined as a wooden panel that can cover about a third of the wall from the floor. It can come in many styles and designs that often include other trim work. There could be wainscoting that is framed by a baseboard, or you could have squares of molding installed on the wainscoting for a touch of Regency flair. The two main requirements for something to be defined as wainscoting is for it to be made of wood and covering at least a third of the way up the wall. With our definition of wainscoting, we can move on to beadboard.


The source of confusion between wainscoting and beadboard is that beadboard is a form of wainscoting. It fits the criteria of being wood and covering a portion of the wall and functions the same way as wainscoting. But the thing that differentiates beadboard within the wainscoting category is that beadboard has a very distinct construction. It is made up of narrow, vertical planks with a small ridge between each one that is known as the bead. Beadboard is generally considered the most modern option for wainscoting. It comes in other less-expensive materials than wood, like durable vinyl, and it is easy to install. Whether you prefer the classic look of traditional wainscoting or trendy, low-maintenance beadboard, either choice will refresh the look of your home.


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