The Basic Do’s and Don’t of Interior Design

There’s nothing wrong with any particular color in a room as long as it’s done with the right amount of balance.

It can be a big undertaking to redesign a part of your home, and the process can be rife with pitfalls. But no need to worry, with these pointers to get you started you can make sure to avoid some fundamental design mistakes.

Don’t Get Too Crazy with Colors

The first area where things can go wrong in decorating is with too much color. Avoid dominating a space with very harsh or dark colors like painting an entire wall bright red or black. You should also be careful not to overwhelm a space with too many different colors that might clash or a busy pattern. Something serene like blue might still be too much if you go with a stripe or checkerboard pattern all over the room.

Do Balance Your Color Scheme

There’s nothing wrong with any particular color in a room as long as it’s done with the right amount of balance. Even if you want to use something like neon pink, having just a hint of it as an accent color, like as some decorations on a neutrally-colored shelf, can add interest to a room without blowing it out of the water. Generally, dark colors make a space feel more closed in a while lighter colors make the same room feel bigger and airier.

Don’t Use Harsh Lighting

The same rules with color can also apply when you are thinking of lighting. Not only does cramming a room full of lamps and light fixtures make a room feel washed out, but you will be wasting money on your electric bill. Incandescent or yellow bulbs are the standard for residential homes, so if you go with white fluorescent lighting, then it will make everything look dead and unwelcoming.

Do Use Lighting Practically

The best rule of thumb is to think about how much light you’ll need to light the entire room. Then, once you factor in which areas of your room need the most lighting, such as a corner by the bookshelf for reading, you will have a good idea of how many lamps to include.

Don’t Match All Your Furniture

It may sound counter-intuitive, but making all of your furniture matches too much will make your room more boring. Monochromatic designs can work very rarely, but it is better to have balance and interest in a room.

Do Have Variety and Harmony

The happy medium between matching too much and not matching at all is to think of one theme that you can base your design around. For example, if you like a boho-chic style then you can have neutral or subtly colored walls, then a bright accent rug with ornate designs and colors. Your furniture can have different colors that match the colors in the rug so that everything ties together without matching exactly.


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