How to Take Care of Laminate Flooring

How to Take Care of Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are an excellent investment, but only if you properly care for them.

Laminate floors are an excellent investment, but only if you properly care for them. Some of the cleaning methods that are ideal for wood flooring and stone flooring are not as appropriate for laminate! Here are our favorite ways to take care of your residential laminate floors.

Grab the Right Supplies

First, you need to purchase a microfiber mop and appropriate cleaning solution. A microfiber mop will gently skim over the surface of your laminate flooring to get rid of debris, dirt, and hair. They also do not need as much water to get the job done, which is ideal for laminate flooring. Next, you should purchase a cleaning solution that is designed to work with laminate flooring. Place the cleaner in a spray bottle so that you can apply a moderate amount to the microfiber mop for cleaning.

What Not to Do

When cleaning laminate floors, remember that moisture is the enemy. You should never use traditional mops or sponge mops that are easily saturated with water and cleaning solution, as they can damage laminate floors. They also often leave streaks behind after they are dried. Moisture can seep into the cracks as well, which leads to cracking and premature flooring problems. Over time, the laminate boards can warp and the subflooring can also be negatively impacted.

What You Should Do

To properly care for your laminate flooring, you should:

  • Dry mop with a microfiber mop
  • Lightly wet your microfiber mop with warm water and spray on a small amount of the cleaning solution. You can always add more cleaning solution or make a second pass if you aren’t satisfied with the results the first time around
  • Mop the floor with the damp microfiber map
  • If the pad on the end gets too dirty, take it off of the bottom, rinse it out with hot water, and repeat the above process
  • Once the laminate floors are nice and clean, take off the mop pad and place it in your washing machine
  • Enjoy the beautiful results of your hard work!

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