How to Successfully Declutter Your Basement

When trying to declutter your basement, split it into zones and tackle one zone at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed!

While some people use the basement as a lounging or entertainment area, a lot of people tend to use it for the extra storage space. However, it can be easy to allow belongings to accumulate in the basement and become overwhelming. Whether you are preparing to remodel your basement or just want to clear some space, here is how to successfully declutter your basement.

Step 1: Divide & Conquer

When walking into a basement full of boxes, bags, and miscellaneous items, the hardest part may be figuring out where to start. To make this easier, separate your basement into zones so that you can tackle one part at a time. You can simply divide your basement into four or six sections and pick a stack of boxes or a set of shelves to start with.

Step 2: Empty Everything

If you decided to start with a set of shelves, you want to clear everything off of the shelves. This same method goes for any zone that you are trying to declutter. Empty all boxes, bins, bags, etc. It is important to stay in one zone until you are completely finished to make it easier to declutter your basement.

Step 3: Sorting

You want to sort all of your belongings into two bins or areas. The first bin will be for items that you want to keep and the second bin will be for items you can get rid of. It can be tough to get rid of some of your personal belongings, but it is necessary to give you the storage space you need for new things. Before you begin organizing your keep pile, move the things you don’t want. If you are donating items, put them in your car. If you are throwing them away, put them outside to be taken with the trash.

Step 4: Organizing

Once you’ve cleared out the items you don’t want, you can begin to organize the things you do want. The best way to do this is to group similar items together. You can put construction tools in one bin, holiday decorations in another, seasonal clothing items in a different one, etc. This will make it a lot easier to access the things that you need.

Step 5: Labeling

It is very important to label all of your bins and boxes after organizing them. This makes it so easy to find the items that you are looking for without having to open up every box and create a mess all over again. You can use a label maker and even create an inventory list to put on the front of the bins so that you know exactly what is inside of each one.

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