How Small Tiles Can Bring Out the Best in Your Bathroom


Small Tiles

Small tiles are a great design option for your bathroom remode

Tile flooring is made to be long-lasting, so when remodeling your bathroom, make sure you pick a type of tile that is stylish and add a certain pop to your bathroom. Small tiles may just be what your bathroom needs. By adding unique and luxurious small tiles to your bathroom, you are taking the first step you need in bringing out the full potential of your bathroom’s style, and making it the best it can possibly be thanks to the plentiful design options the small tiles will give to you.

Scale and contrast

The best part about getting to design your bathroom with small tiles is that it practically begs you to play with scaling and contrast. Small tiles use both the floor and wall to work together to complement one another and attract the eye to clever design choices, while also presenting the illusion of the feel and allure that only a carpet flooring can give. Also, by using small tiles, you will visibly be stretching the space of your bathroom and make the bath and shower appear to be much more narrow, while standard-sized tiles will do the opposite by expanding the look of your bathroom.

Gives your bathroom a luxurious look

In many bathrooms, one of the first things people will notice are your tiles. So it is best to go with small tiles that can very easily make your bathroom look like one of your home’s most luxurious rooms. Small tiles can be used from wall to wall for a glamorous appearance.

Avoids looking outdated

Most homes have bathrooms that have not seen the eyes of an interior designer for years, which means that it might just be time to remodel. By using small tiles, you can avoid looking outdated and help bring your bathroom into the 21st century with a new modern look. Complimented with a nice, dark-colored grout, you can very easily combine the most traditional bathroom with small tiles to instantly give it a fresh, modern look that will avoid it from looking rustic and dingy.

Feature walls

You can further use small tiles to bring out the best in your bathroom by utilizing them to create a feature wall. Feature walls built with small tiles can create a tasteful and interesting area in your bathroom that will please the eye. The feature wall can also serve as an aesthetic dividing wall that is both beautiful and practical.


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