Should You Replace Your Carpet Flooring with Hardwood?

Hardwood floor installation

While carpet flooring seems like the best fit for certain home areas, hardwood flooring remains a very popular alternative.

Whether you are moving into a brand new home or looking to spruce up the home you have been in for decades, the decision on whether or not to replace carpet flooring can be difficult. While carpet flooring seems like the best fit for certain home areas, hardwood flooring remains a very popular alternative. Should you replace your carpet flooring with hardwood flooring?

The Case for Carpeting

Carpeting is much less expensive than hardwood flooring and available in countless patterns and colors, so you can pick exactly what you would like. Carpet is easier and less expensive to install, since it does not require much work beneath the surface to have it lay properly. If you are concerned about the sustainability of your carpeting, choose an option made from recycled content. If you have a family or pets, carpeting is a popular option for hiding discoloration or stains without much work. As long as you purchase a high-quality vacuum cleaner, your carpet should stay in great shape for years to come.  

The Case for Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a great selection for your home for many reasons. Hardwood floors last a very long time, as they can be refinished without needing to tear up everything there (like with carpeting). Hardwood flooring can also hide small nicks and wear that naturally occur from use. While hardwood flooring is more expensive than carpeting overall, it adds more value to your home and lasts longer thanks to refinishing. Hardwood flooring is also a sustainable and renewable building material, so you can feel good about using it. If you want a classic and historic feeling, hardwood flooring is almost always the best bet.


If you are concerned about which rooms you should use hardwood flooring in, keep in mind that there are different materials available for flooring that look just like hardwood but are more appropriate for a bathroom or kitchen setting, where water is a concern.

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