Remodeling Your Kitchen? Keep Your Sanity With These Tips.

Here are a few simple tips to make it through a kitchen remodel with your sanity in tact.

As with any home renovation, you enter into an exciting and stressful process. But when a remodeling project puts an essential room in your house like your kitchen out of commission, then you will quickly find it difficult to continue life. But all is not lost, with the right amount of planning ahead of time you and your household can prepare to survive without a kitchen in a way that keeps you from ruining your budget on takeout. Here are a few simple tips to make it through a kitchen remodel with your sanity in tact.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

If you have the resources, then you can very easily find a space to put together a temporary kitchen. Find some room in the basement or garage for example to put the table and chairs. Although you won’t have al the functionality of a regular kitchen, you will at least have a place where you can enjoy your meals. Feel free to add as much or as little as you want to your temp kitchen, like a mini refrigerator or a microwave.

Proper Timing

Even if you found the perfect space for a temporary kitchen, you can save yourself a lot of trouble depending on when you remodel. Choosing the warm summer months for remodeling your kitchen means that you can cook on an outdoor grill which will even make cleanup easier. Especially if your temporary kitchen is outside you should avoid remodeling in the winter. It’s much more difficult to go without the convenience of a kitchen when you are cold and want to stay inside.

Disposable Dishes

It’s best to avoid washing dishes as much as possible because, even if you have an alternate sink in your house available it won’t have a garbage disposal to protect the plumbing from getting clogged by food. Nobody likes the idea of wasting a ton of money on paper plates and plastic cups and utensils, and using them on a consistent basis can generate a lot of waste. But ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether disposable dishes are more or less of a hassle than finding an alternate means of washing dishes. And if you check, most disposable dishes are recyclable which makes them a more environmentally-friendly option than they appear.


Most importantly, figuring out your meals ahead of time based on your cooking situation will save you the most money and stress. Think about the portable appliances that you can relocate from your kitchen like toasters, microwaves, and blenders or coffee machines. Then plan simple meals that can be cooked in these small appliances. You could even invest in a toaster oven which can provide an array of convenient and appealing meal options, or cook and freeze meals ahead of time to be reheated later. Just remember to give yourself and your family some leeway. There will come a time when everybody gets sick of living without a kitchen. If you plan on eating out maybe once a week that will give everybody something to look forward to.


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