Reasons Your Bathroom Needs to be Updated

Here are a few signs that your bathroom is due for an update.

Whether you’ve lived in your house for years or just moved in, you may not know when was the last time your bathroom was remodeled. Here are a few signs that it is due for an update.

Outdated design

Wallpaper from the eighties? Outdated tile, fixtures, and more are usually a pretty good indicator that your bathroom hasn’t seen an upgrade since the house was built. Even so, renovating a bathroom is also the perfect opportunity to give it the look that you want. You can match the tile with that in the kitchen, for example, and simply changing the faucet and hardware on your sink and shower can make the room look brand new.

Leaky plumbing

Of course, you won’t want to worry about making your bathroom to look just right until you’ve handled any potentially serious issues. Old, leaky pipes and weak water pressure from the faucets are all issues that should be handled by a professional. Also, look for signs of damage, such as mold, stains and cracks in the wall and areas that receive heavy condensation from the shower. You will want to make sure that places with water damage are fixed and that the damage does not impact your home on a structural level.


If, in your day-to-day use of your bathroom, you’re finding a lot of problems then that could mean it’s time to remodel. Some obstacles to using your bathroom effectively could be a claustrophobic layout, lack of storage, or bad lighting. Even if your bathroom doesn’t have problems with water damage or decor, being able to use it is the whole point in the first place.


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