Some Pros vs. Cons of Smart Appliances

Take a look at some of the pros and cons of smart appliances.

If you’re remodeling a part of your house like your kitchen, then you might have wondered if it’s worth the investment to upgrade to smart appliances. Now more than ever smart appliances have become mainstream on the market. You can find everything from smart refrigerators, washing machines, and even smart thermostats. But does all this technology add convenience or hassle to your life? Take a look at some of the pros and cons below.

Pro: Access Anytime, Anywhere

Perhaps the biggest appeal of smart appliances is that you can access and control them with a simple tap of your smartphone. This can be a big help when you are in the middle of something in another room or you’re across town. Such a convenience is almost a necessity in these busy times. You have more important things to do than set aside a whole day to babysit your laundry. And you never have to wonder if you forgot to turn off the oven. Remote access to your lights, heating, and air conditioning means you’ll save energy.

Con: Expensive

Although smart appliances have become a lot more common lately, they can still be significantly more expensive than their traditional counterparts. If you have a smart dishwasher installed, then you are essentially purchasing both a dishwasher and a computer. Try to weigh the cost of a smart appliance against how often you’ll use it, and how much ease it will add to your life, to help decide if the long term benefits are worth it.

Pro: Real-Time Information

We often take for granted how much time it takes to constantly check up on our appliances. It can be keeping an eye on whether the oven or dishwasher is done, or constantly opening the refrigerator to take stock of what’s inside. But smart appliances keep track of this and so much more information and puts it right at your fingertips. Imagine never having to remember a grocery list again when a smart refrigerator keeps track of what foods you have. And some smart washing machines can track the progress of your load of clothes. So, feel free to run errands while your clothes dry because you can always add more drying time so that they’re fresh when you get home.

Con: App Malfunctions

Unfortunately, the chances of appliances eventually breaking is inevitable. And one of the ironic things about smart technology is that it can be amazing when it works but a pain when it doesn’t. Some people don’t like the idea of handling software malfunctions in addition to traditional appliance breakdowns. But tech support isn’t limited to computers, and you can have someone fix an issue with your smart appliance just as easily as with traditional appliances. Again, it’s up to you to decide if you can take the occasional error message as worth the comfort and efficiency that smart appliances will add to your life.


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