Picking a Backsplash to Match Your Countertop

Want to update your countertops and backsplash? Finding the right match between them is easy if you follow these tips.

Does your kitchen need a pick-me-up this spring? Changing up your countertops and backsplash can make a huge impact and help refresh even the most tired kitchen. Backsplashes were once an ignored section of the kitchen, but in today’s modern kitchen they can be the most impactful aspect. Not only do backsplashes help protect your kitchen and keep your space clean, but they can also be a thing of beauty. Finding the right match between your counter and backsplash is easy if you follow these tips.

Start With Budget and Space

Counters and backsplashes can come in a wide range of prices from budget to luxury. Setting your budget early can help you make a decision and find the perfect fit. As you start creating your budget, make sure to consider that there’s more to the price than just the materials. Additional materials, tools, and labor will be required, and these costs can add up quickly. Next, make sure to consider that you take your space into account. If you have a small kitchen, you may want to opt for a lighter-colored counter and backsplash that will help bring in light and make the space feel brighter.

Try Picking One or the Other First

When there are so many options for both counters and backsplashes, finding the right combination when looking at each option individually can seem incredibly daunting. The variety of colors, materials, and styles will give you a vast range to work with no matter your budget. Start by locking down your choice for just the counter or for just backsplash; this can help you narrow the number of items you’ll need to look at to match your first choice. It helps to begin with what you’re interested in highlighting in your kitchen. Having an idea of which section will be the focal point over the other is a great way to know where to put more effort.

Use The Same Material For Both

One great option, mainly if you’ve found a material you really like, is to use the same material for the counter and backsplash. This is an excellent option for a dramatic, seamless kitchen. In some cases, it can be cheaper because you could be able to purchase entire slabs of marble or stone.

Creating A Consistent Look

Even if you don’t choose a look that is fully matchy-matchy, you can still get a kitchen that coordinates and looks excellent. Sticking with colors within a limited palette is one way to create consistency. Another is to stick with similar shapes or materials. Alternatively, two very different materials can still look good as long as one or the other is neutral. Regardless of what kind of countertops and backsplashes you choose, the professionals at Cypress Construction can help ensure your updates look great.  


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