How To Pick The Perfect Vanity

How To Pick The Perfect Vanity

One of the most important decisions you will need to make is the bathroom vanity.

When you are remodeling your bathroom, there are countless decisions to make, from the material for your new cabinets to your beautiful new bathroom flooring. One of the most important decisions you will need to make is the bathroom vanity. How can you choose a vanity that is perfectly sized, stylish, and that meets all of your needs? Look no further!

The Right Size is Key

Once you have decided where you want to place your vanity, you should determine what the best measurements for your new bathroom vanity are/ When you consider width, make sure that doors and built-ins will still be able to fully open and close. Make sure that the vanity also leaves enough space for you to get by without being caught on a corner. Finally, you should also take the height into account. Your faucet should not interfere with mirrors, light fixtures, or medicine cabinets and also be comfortable to use for every member of your family.

Your Sink Options

The width of your vanity will ultimately determine the number of sinks that you can have. 48 inches is the general rule of thumb for more than one sink, although you can occasionally squeeze two sinks into the same vanity. Keep in mind that adding another sink to an already-tight bathroom vanity might make the countertops virtually unusable.

Mounting Choices

There are three typical mounting options for bathroom vanities, including freestanding, wall mount, and corner. Freestanding vanities are the most common and the easiest to install and replace. Wall mounted vanities can help to visually create more space in the room and also can potentially have storage underneath. Corner vanities are ideal for small bathrooms, but are not very flexible in terms of their positioning, since they have to be installed in a corner.

Consider the Extras

Finally, you should consider the extras that will surround the bathroom vanity like the backsplash and the faucet. Some vanities actually include a backsplash as part of their design, while others will need to have it added during the remodeling process. For almost every vanity, you will need to purchase a faucet separately.

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