All You Need to Know About Home Remodeling

home remodeling

If you’ve ever been concerned about the functionality and aesthetics of your home, a home remodeling project has probably been something you’ve fantasized about.

What home remodeling project have you been waiting to invest in for years?  Everyone has a room in the house they’d like to renovate, whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, or basement.  Some people feel as though their kitchen is out-of-date or unattractive, and others feel like their bathroom is claustrophobic and drab.  If you’ve ever been concerned about the functionality and aesthetics of your home, a home remodeling project has probably been something you’ve fantasized about.  So, what does a home remodeling project entail?  What do you need to accomplish beforehand?  And who should you call for the job?  Read on to find out.

Benefits of Home Remodeling


Okay, you’ve finally decided to move forward with that project, and you feel like you’ve got everything in order–but is it worth it?  Kitchens, especially, usually require relatively intensive investment.  You might be thinking that all that time and effort isn’t something you’re ready to give.  But, not only is a remodeling project entirely worth your attention, it can also be made incredibly simple when you work with the right people.  Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements regularly have the greatest amount of return when it comes to home value.  Most of the time, one of these renovated rooms can lead to thousands of dollars of value.  Even if you aren’t thinking of selling the house any time soon, it’s always good to look towards the future!


Another great thing about a remodeling kitchen or bathroom has to do with functionality.  Have you ever been moving around your kitchen, thinking that your cabinets are inconveniently placed, or that your appliances make everything harder?  This is a sure sign you need to start remodeling.  Functionality is what makes a kitchen useful, and when something is easier for you to use, you’re more likely to spend time in it.  Family game nights and dinners, long cooking sessions, and a leisurely baking project can all be something you truly enjoy, rather than a chore.  


Why Remodel a Kitchen?


Chances are, if your home is more than twenty years old, and you haven’t renovated the kitchen, it’s stuck in a time period long past.  Before the turn of the millennium, interior design was very indicative of the year it was created.  You probably remember rose gold appliances and tacky floor tiles as being truly in-style.  Now that we’re living in 2017, it’s almost embarrassing to have these appliances and style elements in your home.  An updated, remodeled kitchen is the perfect way to bring in the future and its trends.  Timeless, sustainable design is a priority for interior designers, these days.  You can rest assured that your remodeled kitchen will hold its value for many years to come.


And don’t forget that functionality!  Kitchens that allow you to move with ease and complete tasks without frustration can greatly improve your quality of life.  A great source of natural light, which is a big aspect of remodeling, can open up your kitchen, and will actually improve your mood.  Studies have shown that natural lighting can boost your mental health, just by letting in more sunlight.  What’s not to love about that?


Finally, an updated kitchen has a lot to do with energy efficiency.  It’s more important now to save energy than ever before, and investing in great appliances is a remodeling focal point.  A dishwasher that uses far less water can save you a lot of money by the end of the year.  An energy efficient refrigerator can not only save you on your energy bill, but it can also help the environment by not being wasteful with electricity.  Whichever appliances you choose are inevitably going to be updated from that rose gold stove, which means their technologies will absolutely save you money while protecting the environment.


Why Remodel a Bathroom?


Your bathroom should feel like an oasis to you, and if it doesn’t, you need to remodel it.  This is the one place in the house where you can be alone, just to relax.  Whether it means soaking in the tub, or having a quiet place to get ready in the morning, a bathroom needs to be akin to an in-home spa.  You’d be surprised what this can do for your mood and your stress level.  Imagine an updated, beautiful bathtub ready for a calming bath (including a few bubbles and fizzy bath bombs!).  Light a few candles, install a bit of mood lighting, and bam–you’ve got an instantly relaxing atmosphere.  A bathroom doesn’t have to feel like a necessity.  It can also feel like a safe, secure place for your mind to unwind after a long day.


And energy efficiency doesn’t stop at remodeling your kitchen.  Even simple changes, such as a new faucet or showerhead, can make drastic changes in your water bill.  Wasting water is a huge problem that can easily be remedied with a remodeling project.  In fact, changing out your toilet for one that conserves more water has the same effect.  Even installing mood lighting can be energy efficient.


Don’t let your bathroom sit in the past.  Aesthetics are not a frivolous reason to remodel!  Remember–your home, your space, your rules.


Why Remodel a Basement?


Older homes also usually lack a renovated basement.  Or, it’s possible that a finished basement can still hold elements that feel old and tired.  Here’s your solution: remodeling.  That’s a lot of living space that is going unused.  What will you transform it into?  A home gym?  A game room?  A mini-theater?  It’s totally up to you!  Renovations can take a dark, dusty basement and turn it into something vibrant and gorgeous.  Give your family somewhere to relax and enjoy themselves–it’s great for entertaining guests, too!  


Other Remodeling Projects


Is your closet space shrinking with each passing day?  Perhaps it’s time for a closet expansion.  Or, maybe, you just need new custom kitchen cabinets.  A custom bar, trim work, new flooring–these are all common repairs that we at Cypress Construction see on a regular basis.  And because we’re such skilled workers, we know exactly how to give you the best results.


Choose Cypress Construction


We focus on four core ideals: cleanliness, honesty, professionalism, and teamwork.  We know that home remodeling can be a messy affair.  Our goal is to keep the project as clean and as unobtrusive as possible, so you can continue living your daily life while we do our work.  We will not swindle you like other construction companies, and we won’t worry you with unexpected hidden costs.  Professionalism is important to our entire team, as we know it can be nerve-wracking to trust your home to someone else during construction.  But our teamwork and consistency shine, and we’re ready to tackle whatever indoor construction project you have, large or small.


Call Cypress Construction today, and start on your dream remodeling project!


Cypress Construction is your one-stop-shop for all things remodeling.  Cleanliness, honesty, professionalism, and teamwork are our core policies that keep us moving forward.  We’re dedicated to keeping you informed, and your remodeling project will be handled with care and precision.  Call us today!  


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