Why You Need A Custom Bar

Why You Need A Custom Bar

The custom bar gives you the best of both worlds.

Have you walked down to your basement recently and longed for more? If you choose to remodel or redesign your basement (great choice), you should look to add a unique feature. If you want that added form of entertainment, consider adding a custom bar! The basement is a place where you should be able to come down and relax. It’s also a place where you should be able to simultaneously entertain. The custom bar gives you the best of both worlds.

Increased Atmosphere

It’s one thing to have a nice L-shaped couch and TV setup in your basement, but it’s an entirely different thing to have that and a custom bar. The custom bar brings the pub life into home and fuses the two together. It’s the quintessential feature to complete the so-called “man-cave” that many basements are becoming. Instead of going out the bar and spending money on overpriced food and drinks, you can stay within the comfort of your own home and enjoy the custom bar.


Including a custom bar with your basement remodel is a sure way to increase the value of your home (on top of the remodel itself). By installing it, you’re adding a unique piece that many home aren’t able to compete with. Your future return would recoup a decent amount of the money spent on it. You’d also see an upgrade in the visual value of your basement. When walking downstairs, the bar would stand out as a centerpiece, and it allows the rest of the room to work off of it.

Material Choice

The beauty of a custom bar is that you can truly make it your own. You’ve seen so many different types of bars throughout life, and now you can design the perfect blend. From different woods, finishes, and cabinetry, you’ll have a feature that stands out. Whether you want a U-shaped or straight line bar, your visualization can become a reality.

Custom Bars From Cypress Construction

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