The Many Benefits That Come With a Finished Basement

finished basement

Is your basement finished? If not, you’ve probably dreamed about utilizing that space for something other than storage or laundry.

Is your basement finished?  If not, you’ve probably dreamed about utilizing that space for something other than storage or laundry.  After all, that’s quite a lot of square footage that you’re giving up when your basement isn’t finished or being used.  What’s stopping you from jumping into the remodeling project?  Well, there are probably many factors that are affecting your decision.  However, there are so many benefits that outweigh the negatives when it comes to finishing your basement.  If you’re curious what a finished basement can do for your home, read on.

Adding Bedrooms or Bathrooms


Everyone could use an extra guest room or another bathroom.  Your basement space undoubtedly provides the space for that–it’s simply a matter of finishing the room.  Imagine the usefulness of another bathroom in the basement when you completely finish the floor.  Whether you’re making the basement into a game room, a personal gym, or a second family room, it’s always more convenient to have a bathroom accessible on the same floor.


Home Value Increases


On average, finished basements return 70-75% of your investment.  This is a pretty significant number!  When you consider how much use you’ll get out of your basement before you even think about selling, it’s easy to see how beneficial a finished basement can be.  You won’t lose any home value, and that remaining investment will certainly be paid back to you in enjoyment and usefulness.


Adding Storage


While your unfinished basement is probably being utilized in some way for storage, it’s probably not very organized.  With a finished basement, you can add in storage space that is easily accessible, and makes it simple for you to access what you need.  It also allows you to completely dedicate a space to storage, rather than haphazardly throwing things into a pile.  Regardless of what you’re storing, a finished basement can help you keep track of it all.


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