Making a Difference with Trim Work

Making a Difference with Trim Work

Not sure where to start with molding and trim in your home? Here’s what you need to know.

Trim work and molding are like the accessories that perfectly complete an outfit—not noticeable when they are doing their job, but ideal for making the final product seem finished. Not sure where to start with molding and trim in your home? Here’s what you need to know.


Baseboards are one of the most common types of trim, and they form the visual base of the room. Think of baseboards as a line that is drawn between the wall and the floor to tie everything together. If your room has hardwood flooring, you can incorporate shoe molding for a bolder effect.


Every opening in your home’s walls that don’t have doors should be framed by casing. Casing is a type of trim that will completely surround the wall and go from one side to the other. It helps to finish the room and also prevent that area of the wall from getting damage or scratches. Casings are very common in homes and are a nice way to transition from room to room.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is one of the most famous types of trim, thanks to its gorgeous look and timeless elegance. Crown molding is typically between 5-7 inches high, depending on ceiling height, and installed at the seam between the wall and the ceiling. It visually transitions the eye from wall to ceiling and can also accent other trim and molding that is on the ceiling. Deep crown molding adds lots of visual interest to otherwise-plain rooms.

Add the Finishing Touches

Crown molding and other types of trim should always seamlessly blend in with the room and look like they flow together. Always paint moldings and trim the same color as the wall with a semigloss finish. This will make the room feel larger and not disjointed. Crown molding painted a contrasting color will draw too much attention to the trim and cause visual chaos.

Crown Molding and Trim from Cypress Construction

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