Invest in Trim Work Improvements to Increase Your Home Value

trim work

Details can make or break the value of a home.  Trim work, while seemingly unimportant, can define the way others see your space.

Every little bit counts when it comes to home value.  Trim work is one of those aspects of a home that can easily go overlooked, but counts just as much as everything else.  Details can make or break the value of a home.  Trim work, while seemingly unimportant, can define the way others see your space.  That’s why it’s important to start investing in trim work improvements, so you can get moving towards an improved home space for future endeavors.  Whether you’re ready to sell now, or you’re planning to in the future, or you just want a better looking home, here’s how you should be investing in trim work improvements.

Crown Molding and Baseboard


If you’ve got high ceilings, crown molding is your best friend.  Many people make the mistake of installing three-inch crown molding in rooms with smaller ceilings.  It makes a surprising difference in how large or tall the room may feel in the end.  However, a fitting baseboard is how to completely unify your home.  Using the same baseboard throughout the home is an important step in remodeling, which can go unnoticed if you’re focusing on one room at a time.  




This type of trim work covers the bottom half of any wall, in various designs that present a more traditional feel.  In formal rooms, this can give the perfect effect.  It’s also a great idea if you’re looking to remodel an older home, and you want to take a hold of its already-built-in charm.  It’s common for estimates of these projects to be done on a per-project basis.  If you’re interested in wainscoting, ask Cypress Construction if we can help.


Upgrade, But Don’t Go Overboard


Improving the trim of your home before a sale is definitely beneficial, especially if you’re just making small tweaks and improvements.  Even adding wainscoting can be helpful before selling when you’re trying to focus on that particular style.  But, beware–going overboard with your adjustments can be dangerous.  Making too many drastic changes could potentially turn away buyers if they aren’t fond of it; keep your designs personal, yet timeless.  For more information, contact Cypress Construction–we’ll get you started on the perfect trim work improvements for your home value.


Cypress Construction can get your home ready for resale with our professional remodeling work!


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