The Impact of Kitchen Lighting

The Impact of Kitchen Lighting

If it’s time to upgrade your kitchen lighting, consider the impact that you could achieve with these options.

It’s obvious that the lighting in your kitchen should be sufficient to the function and safety of the space. Especially when it comes to cooking, you need to have clear vision of what you’re cutting, slicing, and where. Furthermore, functional lighting just makes for a more pleasant experience as everyone who uses the space will be able to see what’s on their plates and who they’re talking to. If it’s time to upgrade your kitchen lighting, consider the impact that you could achieve with these options.

Better Bulbs

It’s possible that you love your current lighting design in your kitchen. The fixtures and locations work well with the design and are functional for how you use your kitchen. If that’s the case, then start with the bulbs. Using better, more energy efficient bulbs in your kitchen lighting will probably make the difference. The type and distance of your bulbs directly impact how bright they get in the space. Standard reflector floodlights have a range of about 70 degrees while standard spotlights have a range of 20 degrees.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is an efficient way to light an expansive area from a single overhead fixture. They are great for open spaces but don’t quite do the trick for illuminating other space, like inside cabinets. For track lighting to be effective, it’s all about how they are positioned. They work best from the sides so that they aren’t blocked by people walking through the kitchen. Furthermore, the style is usually prominent and should blend well with the existing design of the kitchen.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are great for illuminating walls, floors, and the fronts of cabinets. They have a basic design that you can add customized trimming to after they are installed. The trims help direct the light in a more efficient way, to specific areas around the kitchen that require more lighting.

Undercabinet Lighting

Undercabinet lighting is efficient because there’s no way your body can block the light while your cooking and working in the kitchen. Choose between fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent lights. They should be installed near the front edge of the cabinets to ensure that the light reaches the countertops rather than the walls.


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