How to Prepare Your Home to Be Painted

Painting Your Home

Keep these steps in mind when you paint your home.

Fresh paint is a great way to make any space feel new without making big changes. And for many people, this is an inexpensive DIY project for the home. But sometimes the better choice is to have the room professionally painted. Maybe the ceilings are super high or there is complicated trim molding or you don’t want to risk dripping paint on your hardwood floors. Or maybe you don’t have the time to do it and you want it done right the first time. If you’ve made the decision to have a room or rooms professionally painted, here are some things you can do to get them ready.


Before the painters arrive, take some time to clean the house. This is about more than just getting dust and cobwebs off the walls and out of corners, though that is helpful. It is also about tidying surfaces and getting rid of clutter. If there’s stuff piled up on the furniture it can be a hassle when the painters try to move it. Finally, if the house is clean and tidy when they arrive, they will know how best to leave it when they are done.

Fix Your Schedule

Once you schedule the day for the painters to come, schedule the rest of your life around that. By this we mean, plan for little kids to visit the grandparents and pets to have a day at the doggy spa. Make plans to keep most of the household out of the way of the painters so that they can work quickly and easily. Likewise, don’t plan a party or something for that evening, give the room some time to dry and air out before bringing the guests around for a visit.

Remove Covers and Plates

This is a relatively easy task, and of course your professional painters will know how to do it, but doing it yourself will save them time. Take the outlet covers and light switch plates down so that’s done and not something they have to worry about.

Move Furniture

Finally, this is another task that the painters are perfectly capable of completing themselves, but it will make things faster if you do it ahead of time. Any furniture that is light enough for you to move can be pushed to the center of the room. If there are very large, heavy, or bulky items, leave those for the professionals. If you have covers, you could also cover the furniture once it is in the center of the room.


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