Here are some things to consider when updating your trim work in a way that can add value to your home.

When it comes to adding value to your home, even a small detail like trim work can go a long way. Improving your trim work is something that you can start investing in right away. Here are some things to consider when updating your trim work in a way that can add value to your home.

Appropriate Crown Molding

Many people make the mistake of disregarding crown molding in their home design because they might assume it will make their house look dated. However, when you use crown molding the right way, it adds a subtle touch that can improve the look of the entire room. Keep in mind that large crown molding is great for high ceilings, but if you have a room with a lower ceiling then you want to avoid going much bigger than three inches. As long as you pick crown molding that adds to your room without overwhelming it then it will make the space look finished and elegant.

Uniform Baseboard

Baseboards help improve the look of a house in the same way that crown molding can, by making the space look complete and therefore more valuable. But the biggest difference is that you want to avoid mixing it up too much. Pick one simple baseboard style and use it for every room. While it might not seem like anyone would notice the consistency from room to room, it can make your house look choppy otherwise. Crown molding is designed to make a statement, but a baseboard should add class and function that seamlessly ties together the entire home.

Tasteful Embellishments

When adding trim work to your home you have the opportunity to have fun with different looks and design. For example, wainscotting and beadboard are great for protecting walls in high-traffic areas, like a mudroom, while adding interest to the space. And trim comes in many colors and materials from wood to vinyl, and you can also paint it any way you want. The important thing to remember is that you don’t want to go too over the top with trim work. It ultimately is designed to accent a room without taking the spotlight. 


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