How to Expand Your Home

Here are a few common areas where you can expand your home.

If you’re running out of room in your house, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is time to move out. There could be many places in your home that could give you more living space with a little bit of remodeling. Here are a few common areas where you can expand your home.

Kitchen or Bathroom Layout

Both the kitchen and the bathroom are places in your home that probably receive a lot of traffic, and it’s easy for them to become cramped depending on how many people need to use the space. But the problem that the kitchen and bathroom have in common, because of the plumbing fixtures, is that it’s harder to rearrange without major remodeling. But there are other ways to streamline the layout. Whether that is replacing the cabinets, installing a shelf or organizing the pantry, you can create more room several ways.

Finish the Basement

Although finishing the basement sounds like a long and expensive project, it is more than worth it. Converting your basement into usable space will give you an entire floor worth of room. You can add another bathroom if you need to and the resale value of your home will dramatically increase. But, if you’d rather not sell your house, then finishing your basement will give you the benefits of getting a bigger house with a fraction of the cost.

Remodel the Closet

For many people, the closet is a catch all for clutter, and it can be easy to run out of room. But instead of just cleaning out the closet, you can take an opportunity to expand it. In many cases, depending on where your closet is located, you might be able to cut a little bit into the next room. Just a small adjustment can make a big difference. Expanding your closet could give you enough room to store an upright dresser or extra shelving unit, which will free up space in your room.


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