What Factors To Consider When Installing Hardwood Floors

Finished hardwood floors are really easy to install and are ready to walk on immediately.

Hardwood is a great flooring choice for your home remodel. Whether you’re using it for your kitchen, living room, or basement, it will give any part of your home a classic look. Now that you’ve decided what kind of floor you want, you have a few more decisions to make when it comes to installation. Here are some factors to consider when installing your hardwood floors. 

Finished Or Unfinished?

You can choose unfinished hardwood floors if you would like more customization options. With these, you have to decide what finish you are going to put on your floors. This is good for people who are looking for a specific color or want to match their new hardwood floors to their previously existing floor design. The person that is installing your floor will apply the finish manually after installing and sanding the floor. This manual finish will seal the seams between boards, preventing water from getting into it.


Finished hardwood floors already have a finish applied to them when you purchase them. This means that the person installing them doesn’t have to manually apply a finish because it was done by the manufacturers. This provides less room for customization since everything is done ahead of time. However, the installation process is a lot faster and your hardwood floors will be ready to walk on right away.

Solid Or Engineered?

Solid hardwood floors are made entirely of wood and tend to be pretty thick. It can be sanded and refinished as many times as you would look so you can change the look of it whenever you are ready for something new without having to get whole new floors. The downside to solid hardwood floors is that excess humidity can damage the floors so they are not ideal for your basement if it accumulates a lot of moisture.


Engineered hardwood is still real wood, but it is a veneer of real wood attached to several layers of sturdier wood. Because it has so many layers, it is very durable, making it better suited for basements that collect moisture and any other area of the home as well. It can’t be refinished as many times as you would like. However, depending on how thick it is, you may be able to refinish it a couple of times during its lifespan.

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