The Different Flooring Options for Your Kitchen Remodel

The Different Flooring Options for Your Kitchen Remodel

The flooring ties everything together and your choice shows your attention to detail and style.

You won’t just be walking over them, but the kitchen flooring has just as much of an impact on the look of the space as any other element. The flooring ties everything together and your choice shows your attention to detail and style. During your kitchen remodel, consider the look, durability, and style of the flooring that you choose.


The three advantages of vinyl flooring are that it’s inexpensive, resilient, and easy to maintain. It sometimes comes in peel and stick sheets, tiles, or even planks. A disadvantage of this option is that it tends to scratch easily. Overall, this option is easy to install and comes in several different looks.

Plastic Laminate

Like vinyl, plastic laminate comes in many different styles and colors. It’s made from a hard-plastic resin that is scratch and stain resistant. People often can’t tell the difference between this option and real wood, giving it a high-quality look. On the other hand, excessive water can cause bulging so options other than water should be used for cleaning.

Ceramic Tile

One of the most premium options on this list is ceramic tile. It’s known to be virtually indestructible and incredibly cost effective. The tile is easy to clean and add an elegant look to any kitchen remodel. As elegant, versatile, and durable as this flooring option is, it also has a few drawbacks. Be watchful of mold and mildew growing in the grout between the tiles. In addition, installation can be costly and take a long time.


Cork (yes, cork) is probably one of the most unique kitchen flooring options available for remodels. It’s incredibly comfortable on the feet and easy to install. Cork is also a long-lasting option that comes in planks that easily snap together. Although rising in popularity, you may have to do some shopping to find cork flooring. It’s also a great option to install yourself as the process is simple to complete.


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