Is A Custom Bar Worth It?

Is A Custom Bar Worth It?

Having you own personal bar opens up a wide variety of options, and these options only add to the experience that is your house.

When you’re in your early to mid 20’s, the thought of owning a bar crosses your mind at least once. You sit down with your friends and imagine what your bar would look like, the type of experience it would be, and the theme or features that would make it stand out. Well, you can make that vision become a reality by creating a custom basement in your home (most likely in the basement). Having you own personal bar opens up a wide variety of options, and these options only add to the experience that is your house. Take these tips and consider why it’s worth it to invest in a custom bar.

Less Spending

By investing in a home bar, you’ll inherently save money on drinks. Instead of overspending at a bar and constantly refilling yourself, you can just go to the store, stock up on your drinks and mix at home. It’s a much more efficient way to navigate the process. The initial costs may seem like more, but it will spread out over time.

Short And Long Term Value

When homes go on the market, buyers are looking for features that really make the property unique. By adding a custom bar, your home is sure to stand out among others. Not only that, but you may even make money off the addition. The bar will instantly raise the overall value of your home, and your price point will be higher. At the same time, you’ll be able to personally enjoy the bar yourself.

The Environment and Experience

There are two unbeatable perks when it comes to installing your own personal bar, and they both involve having a great entertainment experience. You now have the perfect spot to host your friends, and even parties. Whether it’s just a small gathering or a get together for the big game, your bar is perfect for the occasion. It also beats a bar at a restaurant, because while it has all the same capabilities, you can actually hear and hold a conversation. The control is completely yours.

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