Creative and Trendy Basement Design Ideas

You can set up a home theater with a high-quality sound system, or even create an area for computer and video games.

If you have been planning on finishing your basement, then you probably already have gone through a lot of options for what to add. A basement is like a blank canvas that you can transform into almost anything. So here are a few interesting basement design ideas that have become recently popular.

Open Concept

In the last few years, more people have been remodeling their houses to eliminate unnecessary walls, creating an open concept look. This way, people can enjoy the airiness and functionality of having everything in one space. An open concept kitchen and living area, for example, is more seamless than having a kitchen cut off in its own room, which makes it better for having pot lucks and parties. The open concept design is especially fitted for basements because most basements are already open, to begin with. Instead of spending money putting up walls, you can have the freedom to arrange your furniture however you want to designate different areas. Also, you can add an entrance directly to your basement from outside, so that you won’t have to go through your house to reach it.

Entertainment Center

Another popular use for basements is for home entertainment. Whether or not you’re looking for the stereotypical “man cave,” you can take the opportunity to make the basement comfortable for the whole family. You can set up a home theater with a high-quality sound system, or even create an area for computer and video games. Unlike having a TV in the living or family room, the basement gives you the opportunity to create something just for fun. You can add different colored lights for a cool effect, and a refrigerator or bar for snacks and drinks. Also, you could have your walls soundproofed that way people can enjoy the basement without disturbing anyone upstairs.

In-Law Suite

The concept of an in-law suite has been around for a while and recently come back into popularity. Many new homes on the market offer an expanded guest space. Finishing your basement gives you the perfect opportunity to make a comfortable place for guests or permanent residents. If you have an aging parent or grandparent and don’t like the idea of putting them in a nursing home, then turning your basement into their new home could be a good option. You could create a bedroom, install a bathroom and kitchen, and even add a stairlift for safer access.


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