Color Psychology & Your Home Remodeling Project

When it comes to your home remodeling project, the color scheme you choose sets the entire tone for the room.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to remodeling your home. There are so many design options you have, giving you the freedom to make any room your own. One of the most important aspects of your home remodeling project is the color scheme that you decide to use. Colors can drastically change the look and mood of a room, so you want to choose carefully. Here is some insight on color psychology and your home remodeling project.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate and dark browns are a great, neutral color option for a home remodeling project. It’s an earthy tone that creates a rooted, grounded mood in a room. This is great for a living room design or basement remodel to give the room a homey, earthy feel.


You don’t want to overuse this color in any given space, but it can really add a nice touch as an accent color. Gold gives off a tone of luxury and elegance, making any home remodeling project go from basic to glamourous.

Deep Red

This color also gives off a look of richness and elegance. Deep red colors can add an element of passion and romance to any room in your home. It can also leave a feeling of mystery as well.

Neutral Gray

This color is becoming very popular for home remodeling projects. This is because it fits well with a lot of other colors. Neutral gray gives any room a very modern look along with a timeless feel. It’s a neutral color so it works well in any room and is a more modest color.


White is a timeless color that will always be used in some aspect of a home remodeling project. If you choose white as the main color for the room, it makes the room simple and elegant. White is known to reflect purity and cleanliness. Too much white in a room, however, can make the mood more cold and unwelcoming. It’s good to mesh white with other colors to add different feels.

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