Choosing the Right Trim Work for Your Home’s Style

A Roman or Greek inspired home benefits from dramatic trim work that helps to emphasize the high ceilings and dramatic features of the home.

When it comes to remodeling any part of your home, every detail is important. It can be easy to overlook or disregard the trim work of a room because we are so busy worried about things like paint colors, furniture, cabinetry etc. However, trim work is important and can really add a nice finishing touch to a room. Here are some tips for choosing the right trim work for your home based on its aesthetic.

Modern Industrial

This is very popular interior design trend and consists of exposed brick walls, visible piping, and concrete floors. A modern industrial aesthetic gives these homes a vintage look with a hint of sophistication. Traditional trim work such as casing and crown molding don’t really mesh well with this style. Rather, a minimal amount  of trim work is best suited for this style so that it blends in with the rest.

Craftsman Style

This is the type of home that resembles a bungalow, having hinged roofs and square columns. These homes benefit from a simpler trim work style. The more modern the home is, the less trim it typically has. With a craftsman style home, baseboards and shoe molds are great types of trim work to use. You will seldom see crown molding in this type of home.

Greek & Roman

These timeless looking homes typically come with a front porch and two-story columns that gives the home a look of elegance. When it comes to this home style, ornate trim work is best suited. It helps to compliment the dramatic features that are inside of a greek or roman inspired home. Crown molding can also be used and it helps to bring attention to the high ceilings that these types of homes will normally have.

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