Carpet vs. Hardwood Flooring

There can be places for both carpet and hardwood flooring.

The choice between carpet and hardwood flooring is a surprisingly polarizing topic. Often homeowners love one and hate the other for various reasons. But there can be places for both carpet and hardwood depending on the needs in your home. Below are a few things to consider about both carpet and hardwood flooring.


One advantage of carpet is that it has a much smaller up-front price. Real hardwood can be expensive and, even though laminate is a more cost-friendly option, it will still cost more than carpet. Additionally, you will have to pay more to keep your hardwood floors in good condition. However, hardwood floors can still be a good investment because of their durability. Carpet tends to need replacement every few years, but with proper care, hardwood floors can last in a house for generations.


Most people who don’t like carpet say that it gets dirty easily and is a pain to clean. Compared to hardwood floors, carpet will absorb moisture and stains, which is bad news, especially for pet owners. However, there are some stain-resistant carpets on the market that will make cleaning easier. With hardwood flooring, you may never have any problems with stains from spills, but you will have to keep an eye out to avoid scratches. For genuine hardwood floors, as opposed to laminate, you will need to keep up with cleaning and use felt pads under the feet of your furniture. But professional cleaning services are helpful for both carpet and hardwood.


The thing that will help you the most in choosing your flooring is to think of how you will use it in your daily life. Carpet is softer, warmer, and more comfortable than hardwood if you like sitting on the floor. It usually requires no extra fuss aside from vacuuming regularly and avoiding spills. But carpet is not the best choice for people with asthma and allergies. If you have a large family and pets, then laminate would be a happy medium between the mess-resistance of hardwood with the low-maintenance of carpet. You will, however, have to deal with the noise of louder footsteps and echoes from laminate and hardwood. Hardwood floors are the most visually appealing and good for making a statement in houses, and can be dressed up with decorative rugs. If you can’t decide, then you can have variety by putting carpet in bedrooms, laminate or tile in the bathrooms and kitchen and hardwood in the living room or front room.


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