The Best Way To Maintain Carpet

The Best Way To Maintain Carpet

Give your carpet a second chance by doing regular maintenance to preserve its look and life.

You enjoy the lush feel, look, and tone of your carpet; the way it ties all your furniture and other decorative items together. What you don’t love is the dirt, discoloration from constant foot traffic, and all those hard-to-clean stains. But all is not lost; give your carpet a second chance by doing regular maintenance to preserve its look and life.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to maintain your carpet is through regular maintenance. That includes vacuuming, deep cleaning, and even taking some preventative measures. When you vacuum your carpet you’re removing the dirt, hair, and other materials that collect in your carpet fibers. This task should be done on a weekly basis to avoid a buildup of dirt and grime. It also keeps your carpet looking more like-new daily. Deep cleaning your carpet with a steamer or other similar appliance that uses a cleaning solution and gets deeper than your vacuum is also a great measure to take periodically to completely refresh your carpet. Finally, you can help keep your carpet clean by tending to the surfaces that sit on it. Regular dusting of your tables, shelves, and air ducts will help keep dirt, grime, and dust from penetrating your carpet fibers.

Tips for Everyday Stains

We can’t avoid all the spots and stains that show up on the carpet. So, for those moments there are a few tricks you can use to save it from wearing these battle scars forever. The first thing is to remember to blot and not rub. By blotting you’re essentially slowly soaking up the fluid while rubbing drives it deeper into the floor. For areas in your home that see a lot of foot traffic or play from children, you would benefit a lot from consulting a professional cleaning service and doing the regular maintenance between those visits. Here are some final tips for the most common stains and spots:

  • Use ice cubes to freeze off gum
  • Club soda and warm water are great for beer and wine
  • Just like dishes, use dishwashing liquid for grease stains
  • Heat wax and scrape it out with a butter knife
  • Hydrogen peroxide is the go-to solution for blood

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