The Benefits Of Ceramic Tile For Your Bathroom Floors

Ceramic tile flooring gives your bathroom a classic look while also being low maintenance and cost-friendly! 

Remodeling your bathroom is a very exciting project, but there are a lot of decisions that go into it. What color will you paint your walls? What type of shower do you want? What will the color scheme be for the decor? In addition to all these questions, you must also decide what type of flooring you want. Ceramic tile is a great option for your bathroom floors. Here are just some of the many benefits.

Water Resistant

This is a very important factor when deciding what material to use for your bathroom floors because it is a room that accumulates a lot of moisture. From the sink to the shower, some water is bound to get on the floor eventually. Ceramic tile has a protective layer that keeps it from getting stained or damaged from water. Ceramic tile is also naturally resistant to the effects of high humidity.


Ceramic tile is very sturdy and difficult to crack. If installed properly, your ceramic tile floors could last for 20 years or more with the right maintenance. In addition to this, if a tile does crack for some reason, replacing it is a very simple process and doesn’t take a lot of time.


Caring for your ceramic tile floors is very easy. Liquids and dirt all stay on the surface so all you have to do is wipe or mop the floors every so often to keep them clean. Weekly sweeping or vacuuming will keep your bathroom floors free of any loose dirt or debris. If a stain does happen to set into the tile, most heavy duty cleaners can be used to take care of it and they won’t damage your floors.


Not only are ceramic tile floors durable and easy to maintain, but they are also very affordable! Most tiles cost anywhere from just $5-$10 per tile or less depending on where you purchase them from. This makes it a great option for your bathroom floors because it runs a lot cheaper than other flooring options. A ceramic tile floor can also add some value to your home.


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