5 Interior Design Trends We’re Keeping an Eye On in 2018

2018 Interior Design Trends

New countertops are just one of the interior design trends we’re expecting to take off in 2018.

It’s a new year and a new you, and perhaps your home should match your new approach to life with a few interior design updates. Make your home look as modern as possible by adding some of the newest and hottest trends in interior design that will stay in style long after 2018, and avoid your home looking like a thing from the past.

1.    Personal broom closet

A rising trend in interior design has been the growing desire to add a small closet to homes just from your brooms. Between brushes, mops, swifters, and various other cleaning supplies, it is becoming more and more evident that your home does not have enough room for everything. This is why many homeowners and interior designers are looking for small spaces in homes to add a broom closet to keeps things in your home a little more neat and organized.

2.    Countertop remodels

In 2018, overhaul the look of your kitchen with one of many popular countertop remodeling interior designs. Perhaps you may want to lower and expand your countertop to allow for more room to chop, bake, or do whatever you like in your kitchen. Remodeling your countertops to add different components to make cooking your three daily meals easier is becoming one of the most popular interior design trends.

3.    Custom bar

If you enjoy inviting people over and hosting your friends and family, custom bars are becoming popular components. Regarding interior design, it will add the warm, friendly feel of a pub into your home, but without having to worry about last call. Also, like all interior design additions, it will add value to your home.

4.    No more white or stainless steel

Most homes are covered in the color white and stainless steel. However, 2018 is proving to show that this is no longer a popular interior design trend. Perhaps it’s time to add a little more color to your white walls or cabinets, and maybe replace that stainless steel sink with a stone or copper one.

5.    Laminate flooring

From a practical standpoint, laminate flooring is proving to be a staple in interior design trends. For a variety of reasons, homeowners and interior designers are loving it for how easy it is to keep clean, and for the fact that it provides the look of many other flooring designs, like wood or stone, but without the price. Its flexible design makes it an interior design dream come true.

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