5 Great Ideas for Your Garage Conversion Project

5 Great Ideas for Your Garage Conversion Project

What will you do with your garage conversion?

You can use your garage for its intended purpose, keeping your cars out of the elements and in a secure space. However, you could also consider converting your garage into an extension of your living space. Here are five great ideas for your garage conversion project.

Personal Gym

Save on all the membership fees and skip the January crowds of New Year’s Resolution-ers when you convert your garage into your personal gym. You can use the space to create your ideal fitness room, complete with all your favorite equipment. Plus, if you’re shy you also don’t have to worry about working out in front of other people. Set your own schedule and make it more convenient to reach your goals. And as your goals change, you can swap your current equipment for new gear.

Guest House

Give your guests their own cozy getaway. When relatives and friends stay over, they’ll have an ample amount of privacy if you convert your garage into a guest house. Just make sure that the space is warm enough, has a finished floor, and all the amenities.

Lounge/Bar Space

Raise the bar in your home by converting your garage into your own lounge area for adults. Bring in a bar, pool table, television, and ample seating. Invite your friends and neighbors over for a night of games, snacks, and laughter. You could even give your bar a fun name that incorporates your address or family name.

Children’s Play Space

 Give your kids their own area to play, outside of your home. In the winter or when it’s raining out, your kids can still spend time with their siblings and friends. Outfit your garage with their favorite games and toys, and even put up a television so they can have a movie night. Converting your garage to a play space will also keep active, imaginative, and curious kids from breaking your favorite decorative items in your home.


For homeowners that freelance, have an option for telework, or have home-based careers, converting your garage into an office would make working at home much more efficient. It will give you more space than another bedroom in your home, and you could even have space to see clients. Also, if you have a creative career, you can turn your garage into the perfect art studio for painting or sculpting.


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