4 Great Design Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

How To Know When A Bathroom Remodel Is Needed

White is a classic bathroom color that will never go out of style! Give your bathroom design an elegant, modern look with classic white walls or cabinets!

If you are tired of looking at the same old design every time you walk into your bathroom, it may be time for a remodel. The possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming your bathroom into a modern, relaxing space. Here are four great design ideas for your bathroom remodel.

Smart Storage

Though the bathroom is typically one of the smallest rooms in the home, it is always one of the most used. You store so many different items and toiletries in your bathroom, so it is important to consider storage. If you utilize your vertical wall space, you can incorporate stylish cabinets or shelving to give your bathroom a great look and more storage space. Open shelving is becoming a popular design trend because it makes your bathroom look a lot bigger.

Classic Whites

When it comes to your bathroom remodel, classic whites will never go out of style. You can use classic white tile for your shower walls to give it an elegant, fresh look. You may also want to consider using classic whites for your bathtub and toilet so that your bathroom remodel will always be in style.

3-D Tiles

If you want to go for a more bold, adventurous look, consider a three-dimensional tile for your bathroom. This adds texture to your bathroom which gives it a very unique element. You can use fun patterns such as intertwining circles to give it a more 60’s feel or go for a more simple wave pattern across the walls for a subtle pop.

Music & Media

In this age of technology, everything is becoming digital. You don’t have to exclude your bathroom from this modern trend. You can invest in bathroom mirrors, vanities, and even shower heads that have waterproof speakers already built into them. You can also invest in a T.V for your bathroom so that you can watch your favorite shows while soaking in a hot bath!

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