5 Design Tips for a Small Bathroom

Mirrors reflect light and will make your small bathroom look more spacious!

We all love the look of a huge, luxury bathroom with a spa tub, separate shower, double sink, and more! While this is the dream for many, the reality is that a lot of home bathrooms can be pretty small. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a beautifully designed bathroom. Here are five design tips for a small bathroom.

Light Colors

This is a general rule of thumb for any small space that you are decorated. Dark colors tend to make a room look smaller, so go with light colors for your small bathroom! Light colors really open up a space and give the illusion that the area is bigger than what it is.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make your small bathroom look all the more spacious. Mirrors reflect light, which make a room look open when you have them present. To make even more use of the space, consider a medicine cabinet that has a mirror on the front of it to solve two problems in one!

Medicine Cabinet Placement

If you are set on having a separate mirror and medicine cabinet, consider putting the cabinet above the toilet rather than above the sink. Medicine cabinets are smaller than regular cabinetry and also give you storage space. Putting it above the toilet leaves the area above the sink open to use for that beautiful bathroom mirror.

Open Shelving

Rather than investing in bulky, closed off cabinets, consider using open shelving for your small bathroom. This helps to keep the whole room looking open and spacious, while increasing the amount of storage space you have. Using the wall space for storage also keeps more space on the floors so the walkway doesn’t get cluttered.

Use a Single Sink

Though a double sink may look nice and there may be room for two, consider just using a single sink for a small bathroom. This allows you to have more counter space to use for decorations or everyday toiletries. You could also just leave the extra counter space bare to make your small bathroom look more spacious.

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