4 of the Most Prominent Interior Remodeling Trends You’ll See in 2019

Home Remodeling Trends

Keep these interior remodeling trends in mind for 2019!

When it comes to remodeling your home’s interior, you can have an awful lot on your plate. First, you have to find the right construction partner for your remodeling project, set a project budget and timeline, and keep on top of current interior design trends to make sure your home is a unique, stylish reflection of your personal aesthetic. Luckily, we have you covered with some of the most perfect design trends to help you focus on your vision for your perfect home remodel. Here are 4 of the most prominent interior remodeling trends you’ll see this year.

1. Pink Tones

Pink is taking homes by storm this year. They say that runway trends are often reflected in home design, and the latest floral designs to hit the Paris and New York runways are bursting into the world of interior design by way of bold floral wallpapers and flowery hues. Paler pinks are a great way to bring a retro feeling into your bathroom, while a deeper raspberry shade of pink makes a statement on cabinetry in the kitchen. These pops of color can make all the difference for bringing your home into this year’s trends.

2. Contrasting Color Tilework

The tile flooring in your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. The minimalist white subway tiles of recent years are being phased out by intricate tile patterns with bold, contrasting colors. Tile patterns like herringbone or Moroccan tilework using bright colors and contrasting colorful grout brings a lot of visual interest into any space and makes an incredible, on-trend statement in any home.

3. Tweed

A growing trend for furniture is tweed. This sophisticated textural element can elevate your living room or bedroom. Some simple tweed armchairs, or even pillows, can add a lot of interest to a room without the need to worry about clashing colors. Try mixing up textural elements in your home to create a cohesive, stylish space.

4. Dog Showers

You read that right. Dog showers are one of the cutest growing trends to hit interior remodeling in 2019, and these relatively small features can make a big difference for keeping your home clean. A small dog shower, smartly decorated in the mudroom, can help keep your muddy dogs from tracking a mess into the house and add a charming element to your home for potential future resale.


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