4 Great Ideas For Your Basement Remodel

An in-home bar is a great way to entertain guests while adding visual appeal to your basement!

You’ve decided that you want to give your home a new look but can’t figure out where to start. How about that unfinished basement that you’ve been thinking about finishing for years, but never got around to it? Maybe, your basement has turned more into a storage unit than a living space and you want to change that. Regardless of the motivation, remodeling your basement is a great way to upgrade the look of your home and increase its value. Here are four great ideas for your basement remodel.

Open Room

The concept of having an open room has increased in popularity over the years. It allows for a wall-free space where you can move from one area to another without going to a completely different room. This is a very modern concept and is sure to give your basement a lot of extra space. If you have a bigger basement, you could have a multipurpose space, with one area being the family room and the next being a game room. With an open floor plan, the basement remodel possibilities are endless.

Home Theater

Basements have always been a good place to put a home theater, but with new home automation technologies, you can really make the most out of a theater in your basement. Now, you have the ability to connect your T.V and lighting to your smart phone so that with the press of a button, you can dim the lights and pull up movie options on your T.V. When thinking about what to do for your basement remodel, consider a home theater. It is a great way to entertain guests with a movie night or simply spend some time with your family.

Basement Bar

What better way to entertain guests than with your own bar in the basement? You can enjoy a fun night with some drinks without the worry of having to drive anywhere because you’ll already be in your home! Not only does it provide a space to entertain, but it can really add to the look of your basement remodel. The custom design possibilities are endless when it comes to how you want your bar to look. This is also a great way to practice some of those mixology skills you’ve always wanted to perfect.

Walkout Basement

This is a fairly new trend when it comes to basement remodeling, but it’s becoming very popular. This is essentially when you allow your basement to be accessible from the outside. This requires quite a bit of planning and your land must have the correct layout to make this possible, but the results are amazing. This is meant for homes that are built on hills or slopes. It will expose one side of your basement allow you to build windows and a door for the exterior access. This will allow more natural light into your basement, helping to reduce the amount of moisture and give your basement a brighter, lively look. Because of its rapidly increasing popularity, this feature can add immense value to your home.

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