4 Benefits of a Custom Closet

A custom closet is a great way to organize your clothes the way that you want to!

A custom closet remodeling project is an exciting way to use space in your home, whether you are transforming an existing project or using a new addition to hold your belongings. There are numerous benefits to investing in a custom closet, including the four listed below (although it was hard to pick just four!). 

Organization As You Like It

Putting everything in the right place can be hard when you’re working with store-bought organization tools and not something customized to meet your exact needs. A custom closet will be perfectly tailored to meet your exact wants and preferences organizationally. Many custom closets come with built-in storage for even simpler organization. Some of the most common storage add-ons include:

  • Closet shelving
  • Pull-out drawers
  • Double hanging rods
  • Hide-away laundry baskets
  • Fold-down ironing boards
  • Shoe racks

Customized to You

As we said above, custom closets are perfectly customized to match your wants and needs. Professional closet designers can assess your current and future storage needs and create multiple designs for you to choose from that take them into account. Your closet also won’t just functionally match your likes, but will also aesthetically match your likes. You can choose the colors and styles utilized and the placement of every last item including hanging bars, shelves, and drawers. Even the stain on the closet drawers can be chosen by you!


Durability and Longevity

Durability is also a concern when you are investing into a custom closet remodeling project. Using a do-it-yourself system purchased from a big box store will leave you with variable results, but a sturdy custom closet created by a company that specializes in creating them will always be your best bet. Inexpensive materials that are put together using inexpensive tools will never give you the same longevity and performance that you can get from the same closet structure made with professional-grade cabinetry, shelving, and organizational products. Investing your money wisely into a custom closet will ensure that you only need to make a significant investment once!

Increase Your Home Value

There are countless home improvement projects that will add value to your home, but a custom closet is a great way to increase your home’s value and get a great return on your investment. Custom closets are high on the list for many buyers, as they seek things that will make their lives more convenient and add storage to their space. In a recent study, realtors found that homes without built-in storage like custom closets often sell for tens of thousands of dollars less than comparable homes with it.


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