4 Beautiful Countertop Options for Your Kitchen Upgrade

While Granite has recently become more commonplace as a countertop option, it is also currently one of the most expensive materials that you can choose.

When searching for kitchen upgrades, there are so many countertop options that it can sometimes feel overwhelming when planning your design. Ultimately, your choice will depend solely on how you use your kitchen, your design aesthetic, and your budget. With the start of the new year in 2018, there has never been a better time to explore your countertop options. If you plan to start your kitchen renovation design process and are unsure of how to proceed with textures and materials, consider these four options and determine which one best suits your needs.

Natural Stone

Natural stone countertops offer the most variety of color, patterns, and textures. They are best known for their sophisticated and high-end look in any updated kitchen. While Granite has recently become more commonplace as a countertop option, it is also currently one of the most expensive materials that you can choose. There are however many benefits of choosing this more expensive option, as Granite is extremely durable, stain resistant, and elegant looking in your home. It is also the most popular natural stone countertop, followed by Soapstone and Slate, two options which are equally durable, although they offer less variety in colors than granite.

Solid Surfaces

Solid surface countertops are also durable, as they are scratch and stain resistant with the added benefit of being easily repairable and renewable. There are several patterns and designs available, including natural stone patterns. These solid surfaces, such as acrylic or polyester countertops, successfully mimic the appearance of natural stone and are fully customizable to fit your kitchen in any shape.

Plastic Laminate

Plastic laminate is an excellent choice for countertops, as they are an extremely durable option for busy kitchens. This material is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, but it is available in a matte finish only for kitchen countertops. You can also use plastic laminate as a backsplash option, and there are several different grades for counters, cabinet doors, and drawer facades.


While wood countertops are often followed by a bad reputation for harboring germs, they are actually considered to be more sanitary than plastic ones. However, they also require more maintenance than many other countertop options, as they must  be maintained with an oiled surface to keep them clean and working well.


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