3 Steps to Get Your Home Renovation Ready

These three simple steps will help you get your home ready for the big project.

It’s an exciting time when you are about to remodel a part of your home. But now you enter the most important phase of your renovation, the preparation stage. With the right amount of planning and set up, you can avoid costly accidents and keep your renovation going smoothly. These three simple steps will help you get your home ready for the big project.

Step 1: Clear the Room

With any renovation project, you will want to make sure that the room is completely empty so that there is plenty of room to work. If you are able to move out your furniture, then it will make things start off quicker and easier for your contractor. Otherwise, you can clean out all of your smaller items and make sure to put away anything fragile. If you have something that you can’t remove, such as a flat screen TV mounted into the wall, then let your contractor know, and they will be careful to cover it.

Step 2: Set Boundaries

Before the project, you should discuss with your contractor which areas of your house are off limits. As a general rule, workers should only be allowed in the area that they’re renovating. Your contractor will provide a portable restroom outside if you don’t want anyone using your home bathroom, but it is better to make sure everything is clear to prevent misunderstanding. Likewise, you should explain to the rest of your household what the boundary line of the remodeling project is. Especially if you have children and pets, you should make sure that they are always supervised to prevent them from wandering into a dangerous construction zone.

Step 3: Protect Your Property

Renovations can be messy, so even if your furniture is out of the room, it still is a good idea to cover it with plastic to prevent dust. You can also ask your contractor to lay plastic or tarps across paths on the floor that they will take to reduce the dust and dirt getting tracked into your house. Lastly, make sure to put away any valuables to prevent theft. Even with the most trustworthy contractors and building crew, it’s better to be safe and remove any temptation.


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