Follow these steps, and you’ll easily be able to tackle that mess in your basement.

Did your basement become a catch-all for clutter? Maybe you have dreamt for a long time of finishing your basement, but there is just too much mess in the way. The first step to being able to take advantage of this space is getting it clean and organized. Follow these steps, and you’ll easily be able to tackle that mess in your basement.

Plan of Attack

The first step to taking on a major cleaning project is to come up with a plan. Because it can be so overwhelming, many people don’t know where to start. What you can do is break down the mess into different areas, whether that is dividing your basement into halves, quarters, sixths, etc. Or, if you notice that one part of your basement has mostly boxes and the other has mostly books, then you can decide to start cleaning based the piles that stuff is divided into. Remember that it’s much more likely that you’ll want to give up if you just dive in without a plan.

The Sorting Method

One of the worst parts of cleaning up a huge mess is trying to keep track of where is your keep pile, donate pile, trash pile, and more. If you have seen the organizing magic of the internet famous Marie Kondo, then you might have seen an unconventional way that she tackles this sorting problem. You start by making an even bigger mess at first by emptying all of your shelves, boxes, and closets if your basement has them, into one big pile. That way, once you pick through it and decide what to keep, you already have an empty shelf waiting for you to put it away. The key is to reduce the pile instead of making smaller piles. Put the stuff you want to keep away, take the stuff you’ll donate in your car and throw trash into a bag on the curb

Final Organization

Whether or not you plan on remodeling your basement, chances are that you aren’t going to throw away absolutely everything. During cleaning is a good time to think about your storage options. You might consider investing in a couple waterproof bins to store items you want to keep but not use all the time, such as photo albums and Christmas decorations. It can be exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as your basement clears up. In order to make sure that it stays clean, you should invest in a label maker. This tool will be your new best friend for designating your bins and shelves for certain items. And putting a clearly-marked label on something will help remind you and your household to put everything back where it belongs so that the clutter won’t take over again.


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