3 Ridiculously Common Myths About Granite


When remodeling, you’ll consider granite as a countertop material.  Before you toss out the idea, take a look at some of these myths.

Because granite is such a common and practical choice as a countertop material, there are many myths associated with it.  Opinions can easily get mixed up with facts, and these rumors have the potential to color your thoughts on this material.  When you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, material choice is an important step–considering granite as a countertop material is no doubt going to cross your mind.  Before you toss out the idea, take a look at some of these myths surrounding granite.  Perhaps you’ll learn a few truths that may change your mind!

Myth #1: Granite is a design trend.


For many, the word “trend” has a negative connotation.  If you’re trying to keep up with the times, trends are excellent to include in your design.  However, sustainability is equally as important.  Granite has stood the test of time in regards to trendiness, and it displays itself as a timeless material that will always be relevant.  When designing your kitchen with sustainability in mind, granite is an excellent choice.


Myth #2: Granite harbors bacteria.


When sealed properly, granite is not porous; and even when it isn’t sealed, it still has a low porosity.  Many people shy away from granite because they believe it is an unsafe surface to prepare food.  However, the opposite is true–granite is used frequently in kitchen designs because it is so resistant to bacteria.  Preparing food on granite is perfectly safe.


Myth #3: Granite requires heavy maintenance.


Actually, while granite must be sealed, it doesn’t need to be frequently.  Overall, granite is one of the strongest and most resistant countertop material choices.  It is heat, stain, scratch, and wear resistant when sealed properly.  Granite holds up well to potential damage, and can easily be kept in great shape through regular cleaning routines.


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